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Egypt holds a wealth of attraction for those seeking adventure, mystique, ancient roots, and relaxation on the beach. Egypt, the mystic land of the Pharaohs. A land unequaled for its majestic monuments and authentic treasures of diversified Pharaonic, Greco-Roman, Coptic Christian and Islamic blend of cultures. Mediterranean beaches Red-Sea fascinating underwater life, mountains and deserts, memorable landscapes alongside the river Nile, bestowed with nature’s gift of a mild climate, provides a choice of holiday resorts for everyone from all over the world.




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  Through the interaction between Egypt’s unique geographical location and the creativity and exertion of ancient Egyptians.



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Has been always a country of tourism where Europeans used to ývisit and see   its antiquities dating back to the various eras and ýcivilizations. In the recreational tourism domain, there are scores of ýunique tourist destinations such as Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada, Safaga ýand others. Moreover, Egypt is renowned for therapeutical and ýenvironmental tourism as well as other kinds such as Safari, conferences ýand sports.

The history of Egypt is a fundamental part of the history of human civilization. Through the interaction between Egypt’s unique geographical location and the creativity and exertion of ancient Egyptians.

Whether you are visiting Egypt for the first time, or like so many travelers before you, you are returning once again, we at Egypt Adventure would like to extend to you our warmest welcome and look forward to introducing you to our Egypt. From the Mediterranean shores of Alexandria in the north to the borders of ancient Nubia in the south; from the desert Oasis in the west to the golden beaches of the Sinai in the east; Egypt has so much to offer, as you will find out from the pages of our web site. We hope to have the pleasure to guide you through this land of contrasts between the old and the new, desert and fertile valleys tranquil rivers and sparkling seas. We would like to show you that Egypt has something to suit all tastes and budgets. With our many years of experience in hospitality and service, our guides and personnel will ensure that your stay us will remain one of your golden memories for years to come.

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